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Considering the Cost of Care

Being able to stay in your own home with assistance has a financial cost that needs to be considered.  We will sit down with you and go through the exact costs of your unique Care Plan, clearly and carefully. The cost of your care will always be clearly communicated, with no hidden fees.


Getting the care you need so you can stay in your home is invaluable, but being confident that it is within your budget is key.

Elderly Couple Contract
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Flexible Plans

Our list of services are customizable per Client.  You can have as many of our services as you need and the hourly rate will remain the same.  We can add more services to a Client's Care Plan at any time. This gives you peace of mind knowing you can adjust as needed, without changing your budget.

Financial Support

Did you know that you may qualify for assistance with your care costs? We will speak with you about any options available to you. We accept the following types of support:

  • Veterans (VA) Assistance

  • Long-Term Care Insurance

  • Family-funded Care

  • Private Pay

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Let's sit down and talk!

Please call us to talk about services and go over pricing details. If you'd like, we could start with a free home safety check with no obligation. This would allow you to get to know us, and we would be able to evaluate the home and suggest ways to address any safety concerns!

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