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Senior In-Home Care Services

Home Sweet Home offers a wide array of services, giving you the tools to create a plan that works best for you.


Our Caregivers can assist with dressing and grooming our Clients by providing personalized skills so those who need assistance will experience little to no pain and discomfort.  The ailments that come with aging can make this daily task difficult, especially without help.


Many falls and accidents happen in the bathroom. Our Caregivers can assist with bathing our Clients.  We are able to help with the whole bathing process, be a stand-by assist, or just be in the home and available if the Client needs help.  Additional hygiene cares include oral care, shaving, hair, lotion, powder, deodorant, and file nails.

Medication Reminders

Home Sweet Home Cares & Services, LLC is a non-medical company.  It is against our policy to handle medications, but, we can provide medication reminders while we are in the home.  It can sometimes be easy for a Client to forget to take their medications, but to have Caregivers who can assist with reminders of when to take medications can be a very helpful service.

Meal Preparation

This service is a well liked and enjoyed service to our Clients because our Caregivers can cook meals for the day or even make up meals that can be frozen and enjoyed later.  Our Caregivers enjoy learning recipes that are popular to each client and they like to incorporate the Client in the kitchen.

Light Exercise Development

We offer encouragement and positive reinforcement with movement.  Staying mobile and keeping muscle allows for continued strength.  Our Caregivers do not offer physical therapy, but we can assist a Client with their exercises.

Safety Supervision

This will come naturally to our Caregivers.  Verbal reminders of how to sit and stand to avoid falls is common practice.  Caregivers may need to pick up tripping hazards as well as assist with suggestions to keep the Client safe in their home.


Our Caregivers are able to give verbal cues to a Client so that they are able to get lined up to a chair, toilet, or seat in a vehicle.  Once a Client is seated we can assist with positioning pillows and blankets around the Client to provide comfort.  We can also assist with positioning assistance in bed, too.

Safety Supervision

This will come naturally to our Caregivers.  Verbal reminders of who to sit and stand to avoid falls is common practice.  Caregivers may need to pick up tripping hazards as well as assist with suggestions to keep the Client safe in their home.


Our Caregivers are insured and available to provide transportation.  Transportation might include: appointments, grocery store, clubs or meetings, pharmacy, visit family or friends, or to just go for a drive.

Accompany to Appointments

Our Caregivers are available to go to appointments with our Clients.  It is a great service and allows the Caregiver to take notes, relay information to family, and to assist with giving information to a medical professional.


Let our Caregivers assist with laundry; stripping beds and gathering laundry from other rooms.  When our Caregivers do laundry, it can be much more than keeping linens clean. It can become an activity and social occasion for the Client, to promote a level of exercise, feelings of accomplishment, and conversation.

Grocery Shopping

Sometimes it wears out our Clients if they try to grocery shop.  Our Caregivers can help out with this process from assisting with making a list, to grocery shopping, and putting groceries away with the Client.

Feeding Support & Assistance

It can be lonely to eat alone.  Our Caregivers would love to join in with their Client and eat with them. Our Caregivers pack their own meals so they aren't eating the Client's food, but can still eat with the Client, carry on conversation, and bond.  Our Caregivers can also provide verbal reminders to promote eating and drinking, they can also document how the Client is doing with food and drink intake.

Light Housekeeping

Our Caregivers are happy to provide light housekeeping services to our Clients.  We will dust, vacuum, mop floors, clean bathrooms, make beds, clean the kitchen, and other light housekeeping tasks.

Respite Care

Being a family Caregiver can be a lot of work.  Our Respite Care service allows for you to take a break.  You will have the peace of mind stepping out and allowing our highly trained and knowledgeable Caregivers to step in so you can rest, relax, and take time for you.  This is a valuable service for those who have loved ones in the hospital or on hospice.

Mobility Assistance

Our Caregivers can assist with verbal directions and some assistance with our Client's appliances (cane, walkers, etc.).  We are able to walk with our Client and help direct them through doorways, on steps, getting into a standing position, and helping our Client's stay safe in their level of mobility.

Hospice Care

Hospice can be a very stressful and emotional time.  We want family to be family.  Consider allowing us to care for your loved one by assisting with repositioning them, personal cares and hygiene, overnight care, medication reminders, and more.

Hospital Discharge Assistance

Sometimes after a hospital stay, a Client might need additional help at home until they can get back on their feet.  Many of our services would be ideal for Clients in need.  Our Caregivers will customize services based on the level of need and care that our Client needs.

Dementia Support

There are many kinds of Dementia.  Some are known as Alzheimer's, Lewy Body, Vascular, Mixed Dementia, Parkinson's Dementia, Frontotemporal (Pick's), Creutzfeldt-Jakob, Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, Huntington's, and Wernicke-Korsakoff.  Our Caregivers are equipped with knowledge of how to handle repetitive situations, emotional outbursts, and other situations that are due to dementia.  Our Caregivers provide positive outlooks and directions with a friendly attitude that promotes a calm environment for our Clients.


This is such an important service to many of our Clients.  Our Caregivers get a chance to bond with their Client through games, baking/cooking, story telling, looking through photo albums, and other one-on-one time.  Loneliness in elderly is a cause for other poor behaviors such as not eating well, feelings of sadness, and other mental health problems that can spiral into physical weakness, falling, and illness.  Sometimes we just need a friend.

Cognitive Stimulation

It is important to keep the mind sharp.  This can happen at anytime throughout cares and services.  Perhaps it is with the telling of a joke, working on puzzles, making a list for the store, playing a memory match game, or other forms of daily stimulation to help exercise the brain.


Loneliness in Clients can lead to mental and physical problems that we would like to prevent.  Caregivers get the opportunity to build a bond with each Client by listening, talking, and sharing stories.  This service is also used to look in on loved ones, especially if family is a distance away.

Incontinence Care

Accidents happen and our professional Caregivers are here to help.  Proper peri care allows for good hygiene, infection control, and limits skin breakdown.


These are just a few of the things we can help with. Please get in touch if there is something else you would like us to help with and we will let you know if we provide it. 

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