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COVID Concerns

I think it is safe to say that we are ALL tired of hearing about COVID-19 and the continued variants that are developing. Unfortunately, it is very real and still very concerning. By now, you may know of someone related to you or someone you know personally who has been affected by the effects of COVID. But, how do we continue to protect our aging loved ones?

It is VERY important to practice proper hand washing techniques or use hand sanitizer if hand washing isn't an option.

Wear a mask! Even if you are visiting an elderly parent, you run the risk of carrying of being a carrier. As of January 2022, they are recommending the N95 masks.

It is encouraged to get vaccinated. Everyone has their opinion on this. If you choose not to get vaccinated, a mask, proper hygiene practices, and social distancing is best.

Know who comes & goes from your loved one's home. It is important to keep tract of your own contact tracing.

Wipe down groceries, supplies, meal on wheels, mail, or anything else that comes into the home. Many places have become lax in their sanitizing practices and this is why the virus is spreading quickly.

If your loved one wants to stay in their home, it is important to find ways to make that happen. Facility living has its pros and cons, but if mandates begin to reduce visitors or an outbreak takes place in a facility, your loved one is at higher risk.

Here are some things we are seeing when we are out and about:

-Restaurants aren't always wiping down salt & pepper shakers or other bottles once those were used at a table by someone else.

-Wheelchairs used for public use at clinics, hospitals, grocery stores, and other places aren't getting wiped down after each use.

-Card readers are not getting cleaned between customers.

-Gas pumps & those card readers are not getting cleaned between customers.

-More people than not are out and about without masks.

-Waiters/Waitresses are not always washing their hands between gathering dishes from one table to another.

-Cashiers who handle any form of money or products a customer has put in their cart don't always clean their hands between customers.

There is so much more. Just be aware that the risk of bringing COVID-19 or one of it's variants back home to your loved one is at its highest.

What can we do?!

-Be aware of your surroundings and just watch what goes on.

-Ask questions on how a place is handling COVID right now. See what they say and then observe.

-Go shopping or out to eat when it is slow and less crowded.

-Continue wearing a mask, hand sanitize, and use caution.

-If you don't need it, don't get it. Better to be safe than sorry for the sake of your loved one.

-Order online, but sanitize the packaging & contents.

-Keep sanitizing supplies on hand such as Lysol, Microban, disinfecting wipes, gloves, and masks.

Be safe out there!


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