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Movin' & Groovin'

It is very easy to get into a rut. It doesn't always matter our age, circumstances, or situations. If we have had a busy day, week, or month, it might be easy to take a day or two to recover. As we age, that one or two days of recovery might begin to stretch to three or four. Since this pattern can increase, eventually the active lifestyle we once had has shrunk to less commitments, less socializing, and more isolation.

Many elderly Clients that I've worked with over the years have shared stories of their active lives. Some of the activities included church related activities, farming, dancing, going out to eat, playing cards, quilting, and being involved with clubs. When the body fails us and starts to limit how much we can tolerate, our recovery time to be able to be an active participant in what we love slowly disappears. Before long the fun days are a distant memory and days are filled with watching TV, going to doctor appointments, and talking on the phone.

It is very important for our elderly to stay active. It might not be in the ways of what once was, but finding a new normal that they are able to do, enjoy, and helps to maintain muscle. Keeping muscle mass is important for keeping strength. It is easier to lose muscle than gain muscle when we age.

As lives get hectic, often times our elderly loved ones are left at home. The good intentions of going to visit them sometimes becomes clouded over by the daily grinds of life. Loneliness starts to set in for our elderly loved ones and they sit more, do less, and the results begin to show up in physical form. Often times we see weight loss because it is lonely to eat by yourself. Muscle strength begins to deteriorate and even walking becomes a struggle. Balance is affected and there is more risk for falls.

At Home Sweet Home Cares & Services, LLC, our dedicated Caregivers provide several options to help our Clients to keep Movin' and Grooven'. Not only do we provide customized cares and services, but we want our Clients to be active in some of the tasks we provide. They can help in the kitchen with baking or with meal prep. Our Caregivers can encourage walks or assist with strengthening exercises and be by the Client's side. If a Client was part of groups, a Caregiver can help take the Client to their Clubs/Meetings. Perhaps a Client wants to invite over some friends, a Caregiver can assist in making that happen.

Activities that not only help with strength also help with moods. Your loved one has the opportunity to stay in their home longer because their health and wellness has improved. That type of quality of life is not only important, but it is rewarding to your loved one!


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