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Special Moments

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Our elderly population are some of the neatest people to know and to spend time with. In my nearly twenty years of experience I have not only gained a wealth of knowledge and advice from Clients, but it is in those moments that we have had or continue to have, we build a bond. I often compare our service to "a visit to Grandma or Grandpa's house" because the relationship is personal. When you are the person they know is coming and they are looking forward to you is such a rewarding feeling that goes both ways! Why wouldn't more people want to experience these special moments???

On a personal note, care giving is difficult on some levels. Over the years, I have lost countless Clients. Each Client would either give me a piece of advice, cooking tips, history lesson, love stories on how they met their spouse, what they did for a living, and so much more. As my Clients have passed on, I can treasure their memory by going back to what they shared with me. A bit of their legacy lives on.

Home Sweet Home Cares & Services, LLC is about capturing much of what I have experienced as a Caregiver. In my "grand design" of this company, I wanted our Caregiver Specialists and Clients to have this kind of bond and experience because it is so special, rewarding, and personal. Being a Caregiver Specialist or a Client is truly a mood booster! So as we continue to grow in Clients, we hope that we can grow in Caregiver Specialists, too, because life is too short not to!

Thank you to all of my current Clients and to their families for sharing your loved one/s with Home Sweet Home Cares & Services, LLC! Thank you to the families I had the privilege

of knowing when I cared for your loved one/s. It is absolutely PRICELESS to me!

-Janet Webb


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